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Uncle Ralph's Fundraising Program
Fundraiser frozen cookie dough Frozen cookie dough fundraiser
Frozen gourmet cookie dough is our number one fundraiser seller. No scooping or buckets here, our dough is frozen in pre-formed dough drops. Ready to place on your baking tray and in 12 minutes you have a warm, delicious cookie! Click here to "sample" our cookies!
Brownies & Bars
Our fundraiser brownies and bars come already baked, ready to thaw and enjoy. Fast, easy and as good as Mom used to make! Brownies come in a 7" x 10" pan; bars come in a two pound pan.
Fundraiser already baked brownies and bars
Fundraiser rolls, twists & braided breads Rolls, Twists and Braided Breads
These delicious baked treats are perfect for breakfast. Rolls and Twists are sold six pieces per pack. Just thaw and serve.
Pound Cakes & Gingerbread
Our moist delicious fundraiser pound cakes can't be beat. Each pound cake comes baked and ready to slice and serve and is approximately 4" x 8".
Fundraiser pound cakes, gingerbread
Cut-out Cookies Cut-out Cookie fundraiser
New this year to our fundraising program, cut-out sugar cookies! Uncle Ralph's sugar cookies are now available in fun holiday cut-out shapes with colorful sugar sprinkles! Packaged ready to eat. Shapes will be according to season. 12 cookies per pack.
Berres Brothers Coffee is a new addition to our Fundraising program. Now available in a 12oz pre ground bag are six exquisitely smooth and exotically flavored coffees. And for those who prefer a little variety in their lives we offer a tenpiece sampler pack.

Our flexible fundraising program is great for your non-profit group. Uncle Ralph's has worked with groups of one to 1,000. Groups such as churches, schools, scout troops, marching bands, clubs have all utilized our program to raise funds for field trips, sporting events and more. Employee programs such as Christmas parties and families in need have also benefited from our fundraising program.

cookie cookieWhy Uncle Ralph's?
Great selection, super products that taste great, and a huge profit margin per item, make Uncle Ralph's a perfect fundraiser for your group. Let Uncle Ralph's show you just how quickly your group can make a lot of money with our easy to follow program.

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