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Planning your fundraiser
Selling Time for your Fundraiser: This is determined by your group. We recommend 2-4 weeks selling time. Please keep in mind that once you turn in your orders, your delivery will take two weeks.

Forms for your Fundraiser: We will provide all sales materials for you. Please hand out the forms and collect them at the end of the selling time. It might be helpful for you to give them this and all dates in writing. These forms or a total sheet need to be returned to us so that we can package your orders. Once your organization is registered with us, you may place your fundraising order online, fax it in, or drop it at our office. This is due back at Uncle Ralph's Cookies no later than 2 weeks before your delivery date.

Collecting Funds from your Fundraiser: Have funds collected at the time customers place their orders. Please have all checks made out to your organization. When we arrive to deliver the dough, please have one check from your organization made out to Uncle Ralph's Cookies. It is not necessary to collect sales tax for your orders.

Delivery of your Fundraiser Order: Please call our office to schedule your delivery date as early as possible. There is no charge for delivery. Please refer to our delivery area map.

Payment for your Fundraiser Order: Payment is made at the time of delivery. We can accept a check from your organization, money orders or cash. We cannot accept personal checks.

Order Check-in: When the truck arrives, sellers will receive their order from the driver, then go to your staff of volunteers to check their items with their order sheet. Uncle Ralph's cannot be responsible for orders not checked prior to the truck's departure. All orders will be sorted by Uncle Ralph's, and we will have extra dough on hand to correct any errors only at that time. At the end of your delivery time all unclaimed dough needs to be accepted by a group member who will agree to keep the products frozen until they can be picked up by the appropriate person. If your order is under 200 items, please call for special instructions.

Sign up your organization, or request further information on our fundraising program, or call us at 1-800-422-0626 for more info!
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